Welcome on my homepage!

Please, let me introduce myself:

My name is Zsuzsanna Kissné Iványi , I live with my family in Hungary in the town Jászfényszaru, I have tow little children.

Since I remember I love animals.  If I could do - I was looking for proximity to the animals, I like  take care of them and spend my freetime with them, , I like to observing nature, walking, hiking in the open air, away from the village and  town. As a child, I had helping hands from my paternal grandfather in my hobbies to take care about dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, he was  agricultural engineer and he also like a lot the nature. He was the one who taught me to "provide and respect for animals.

The dogs belonged to me has always been in the family, loyal companions - friends, give comfort to people when sad, delightful, laugh, inspire devotional attitude.


Currently we have two castrated hobby dogs and our German little spitz / kleinspitz. The "love" of the kleinspitz was at first sight on a photo in the internet. I saw this dog and I decided I need to have a kleinspitz!

The German Spitz is a very intelligent dog but he can be wilful so training needs to reward good behaviour. The German Spitz is a happy, intelligent, friendly dog. There should be no signs of nervousness or aggression. They are very active and alert. They love human company and like nothing better than to be included in any family activities.

I am grateful to all those people who encouraged and supported in me, and gived me good advices.


Thank you for my husband and for my family to realizing my dream !


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